HOW TO: Microsoft Stream Live Events Preview with OBS Studio

I’m currently testing out streams live events preview and its working well. It’s currently a little light on features if your used to Youtube or Twitch streaming but we’ll forgive Microsoft that. The fact they called it stream and its taken a whole year to get a feature that can do any sort of streaming is another matter.
First create you live event in stream

Give your stream a name and either a date and time, or just select “As soon as encoder is connect (now)”

Hit publish now, under encoder setup, select configure manually. This will give you the RTMP URL and key. note: at this point the server at the Microsoft end wont be activated until you hit start setup. So click the Start setup button!

Copy the RTMP URL with the handy copy button. and paste the url into the stream settings in OBS.  Making sure you have Custom Streaming Service selected.

his is where I got stuck, and may be you too if you found this. The key is the last string at the end of the RTMP URL. So copy the string after the last / in the URL (don’t cut it you still need it in the URL as well). Leave authentication unticked.

Hit OK in OBS, and click start streaming. Now your streaming to Microsoft Stream!!.  Now fingers crossed they implement the FTL protocol from Mixer as the encoding delay can be over a minute from my testing :(.

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